2024 NSW State Team Update

Published Sat 23 Mar 2024

Rowing NSW is pleased to announce the confirmation of the 2024 NSW State Team that is set to compete at the Interstate Regatta tomorrow at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith. 

There has been a late change in both the Men's Single Scull races. Harrison Nichols will come in to defend his title in the PR3 Single Scull from last season, whereas Marcus Della Marta will be unleached down the course and looking to earn himself a NSW State Team Blazer.

Women's PR3 Single Scull - 1:00 PM

Lisa Greissl - Lake Maquarie Rowing Club

Coach: Odin Mackintosh - Newcastle University Boat Club


Men's PR3 Single Scull - 1:10 PM

Harrison Nichols - Hunter Valley Grammar School

Coach: Odin Mackintosh - Hunter Valley Grammar School


Nell Slatter Trophy | Women's Single Scull - 1:25 PM

Tara Rigney - Sydney University Boat Club

Coach: Alfie Young - Sydney University Boat Club


President's Cup | Men's Single Scull - 1:40 PM

Marcus Della Marta - Sydney University Boat Club

Coach: Tom Laurich - Sydney University Boat Club


Victoria Cup Women's Lightweight Quad - 1:55 PM

Neve Tierney - Sydney Rowing Club

Laura Sypher - Sydney Rowing Club

Georgia Miansarow - Sydney University Boat Club

Grace Sypher - Sydney Rowing Club

Coach: Lachie Carter - Sydney Rowing Club

Assistant Coach: Katie Healy - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club


Penrith Cup | Men's Lightweight Four - 2:10 PM

Nikolaus Mathur - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Jason Waddell - Nepean Rowing Club

Wyatt Batt - Sydney University Boat Club

Zinc Bosco - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Coach: Sam Fennessy - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Assistant Coach: William Raven - Sydney University Boat Club


Bicentennial Cup | Women's Youth Eight - 2:25 PM

Liesel Page - Sydney Rowing Club

Jade Bliss - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Jessica Colbran - Sydney University Boat Club

Zoe Bond - Sydney University Boat Club

Alexandra O'Brien - Sydney University Boat Club

Alyssa Fikkers - Sydney University Boat Club

Talisa Knoke-Driver - Sydney Rowing Club

Imogen Grey - Sydney University Boat Club

Cox: Sophie Castellas - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Reserve: Siennah Morgan  - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Reserve: Paige Critchlow - Sydney Rowing Club

Coach: Flo Griffiths - Sydney Rowing Club

Assistant Coach: Jarrod Watson - St Catherines School


Noel F Wilkinson Cup | Men's Youth Eight - 2:40 PM

Oliver St Pierre - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Nicholas Whalan - Sydney Rowing Club

Oscar Beregi - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Brandon Smith - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Joe Lynch - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Alec Hoskin - Sydney Rowing Club

Charlie Hine - Sydney Rowing Club

Joshua Wilson - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Cox: Ryder Taylor - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Reserve: Mac Bucknell - Sydney Rowing Club

Reserve: James O'Meara - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Coach: Matt Ungemach - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Assistant Coach: Franz Imfeld - Sydney Rowing Club


Queens Cup | Women's Eight - 3:00 PM

Caitlin McManus-Barrett - Sydney Rowing Club

Laura Gourley - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Rowena Meredith - Sydney University Boat Club

Georgie Rowe - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Samantha Morton - Sydney Rowing Club

Isabella Scammell - Sydney Rowing Club

Emily Sheppard - Sydney University Boat Club

Harriet Hudson - Sydney Rowing Club

Cox: Hannah Cowap - Sydney Rowing Club

Reserve: Eleanor Price - Sydney University Boat Club

Reserve: Jamie Ford - Sydney University Boat Club

Coach: Laryssa Biesenthal 

Coach: Judith Ungemach - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club


Kings Cup | Men's Eight - 3:20 PM

Campbell Watts - Sydney University Boat Club

Will O'Shannessy - Sydney University Boat Club

Jackson Kench - Sydney University Boat Club

Nikolas Pender - UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Spencer Turrin - Sydney Rowing Club

Jack O'Brien - Sydney University Boat Club

Jack Hargreaves - Sydney University Boat Club

Alex Purnell - Sydney University Boat Club

Cox: Kendall Brodie - Sydney Rowing Club

Reserve: Bradley Graham - Sydney Rowing Club

Reserve: Miles Harrold - Sydney Rowing Club

Coach: Jason Baker - Shore School

Assistant Coach: Daniel Noonan - St Ignatius College Riverview