2023-2024 Memberships and Fees

The Rowing NSW community has over 4900 members who we know to be passionate and determined rowers, coaches, Boat Race Officials, volunteers and enthusiastic supporters who continue to make this sport what it is today within NSW.

With over 50 clubs and associated school programs across the State, our community has access to both social and competitive rowing opportunities through Learn to Row programs, junior rowing programs and recreational communities who just love getting out on the water. To find your nearest club or Learn to Row Program click here.

Rowing NSW memberships are annual memberships each with their own benefits, allowing our members to participate or compete in Rowing NSW affiliated regattas and events throughout our rowing season.

If you have any questions about Rowing NSW Membership click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions or if you need further clarification, please feel free to reach out to Rowing NSW at office@rowingnsw.asn.au


2023-2024 Membership Categories & Fees    

To note:

  • Only Competing Members are eligible to compete in sanctioned regattas.
  • Applications for competing membership categories must be endorsed by your club and/or school to verify your membership details and date of birth.
  • Applications for non-competing categories do not require club endorsement.
  • Where your club includes Rowing NSW registration as part of your club membership fee structure then the club will forward your details and any fees payable directly to Rowing NSW.
  • All fees include GST
  • A $31.40 Rowing Australia affiliation fee is included in the cost of senior competitive members and $5.50 for other rowing membership categories. 
  • School students competing solely for their school may have their membership application processed directly by the school.
  • Coxswains must comply with registration requirements.
  • The Single Regatta Licence is available throughout the whole NSW season; however, the licence will be valid only for the day(s) of the subscribed regatta only within NSW. Please contact Rowing NSW directly at office@rowingnsw.asn.au if you wish to purchase a Single Regatta Licence. 
  • Members who purchase the Single Regatta Licence will be covered by Rowing NSW’s insurance policy only on the day(s) of competition but not prior to or after the dates of the subscribed regatta unless they obtain an existing non-competitive membership.
  • Individuals must be members of a rowing club or school program to access the Single Regatta Licence.

Note: the Patron Members membership category is no longer available, however any obligation or liability with respect to the payment of membership fees of Patron Members prior to 30 June 2011 will be honoured by Rowing NSW. Hence for existing Patron Members renewal is automatic and they only need to supply updated contacted details or submit a club transfer application if/when applicable.

How your membership fee is important to you & the Rowing NSW community

Paves the way for a first class workforce
Your membership fees assist Rowing NSW in providing the guidance and resources to our affiliated Clubs and schools, along with their coaches and volunteers. They assist us in helping develop their skills and knowledge. Your ongoing support allows Rowing NSW to deliver mentoring programs and development programs needed for our workforce to enhance the skills of all NSW rowers.

Contributes to our Clubs & Schools rowing season
Not only does your membership fee provide the relevant programs and resources for the wider Rowing NSW community, it also enables us to work closely with our NSW affiliated Clubs & Schools that strive to make sure your rowing needs are met.

Rowing NSW continues to work with our Clubs & Schools to create rowing events that source the best opportunities for our community.

First Class Facilities
Our community is fortunate to have access to a world class rowing facility at the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC). Many of our community members have been able to experience this venue as well as the extensive and unique waterways within our state. Your support allows Rowing NSW to continue to operate and hold regattas at SIRC as well as maintaining and developing the relationships needed for our rowers to train and compete on the unique waterways within NSW. 

Continued Partnerships
Your support enables Rowing NSW to maintain and grow the strong partnerships we have with our many sponsors and stakeholders throughout the years. These sponsors are a huge part of our rowing community and empower us to deliver high quality rowing experiences, programs and venues.

Insurance Coverage
Your membership fees ensure that you are covered by insurance whilst both training and racing and even attending or volunteering at Rowing NSW sanctioned events. The Rowing NSW insurance program has been specifically designed to cater to our rowing community to protect you when something does not quite go to plan. Insurance coverage is only valid after your membership has been renewed.