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Whole of Sport Policies

Rowing NSW is affiliated with Rowing Australia and is subject to its Whole of Sport Policies, which can be viewed on the Rowing Australia's Whole of Sport Policies webpage.  Whole of Sport Policies are those that are mandated for use by sports funded by the Australian Federal Government and also other policies that are appropriate for adoption by the whole of the sport for reasons of good governance.    
Transgender Community Inclusive Sport Guidelines    

National Integrity Framework (NIF) Policies - Member Protection

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Please visit Rowing Australia's Sport Integrity webpage for further information about these policies and the compliant process.  General integrity-related enquiries may be made to the RA National Integrity Manager:     
Member Protection Policy   01/09/2023
Safeguarding Children and Young Policy   01/09/2023
Competition Manipulation and Sport Gambling Policy   01/09/2023
Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy   01/09/2023
Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy   01/09/2023
Personal Grievances Policy   01/09/2023
Code of Conduct   01/09/2023

Rowing NSW Membership


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RNSW Code of Conduct - under review as part of the NIF   PDF 03/11/2014
Membership Application/Renewal (Online Form)   LINK  
Interstate Transfer Form   PDF  


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2024-2025 Rowing NSW Certificate of Currency (includes coverage for all affiliated clubs)   PDF 11/06/2024
NSW Insurance Program   LINK 06/07/2021
NSW Insurance Claim Forms   LINK 06/07/2021


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RNSW Honours   PDF 02/04/2014
Honours Nomination Form   PDF  

Club Administration

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Sport Australia Club Administration Toolkit   LINK  
Protocol for Ethical Recruiting and Transfer Practices   PDF 7/6/2011
Debtors & Invoicing Process   PDF  
Privacy Policy   PDF  
Rowing Australia Whistleblower Policy   LINK  
Volunteer Policy   PDF  
Working With Children Check   LINK  
Working With Children Check Fact Sheets & Resources   LINK  
Becoming a Member Protection Information Officer   LINK  
Club Member Protection Policy Template   PDF  
Australian Sports Commission - Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion   PDF  
Rowing Australia Inclusion and Diversity Policy   LINK  

Media & Communications

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Social Media, Blogging & Internet Guidelines   PDF 21/10/2011
Rowing NSW Cyber-Security Guidelines   PDF  

State Team Policies

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NSW State Selection Policies   LINK  


  Last Updated
RNSW Laws of Boat Racing   PDF 19/01/2023
RNSW Constitution   PDF 22/10/2014
RNSW By-Laws   PDF 15/09/2021
RNSW Voting Entitlements   PDF 04/10/2023
RNSW Proxy Nomination Form   PDF 15/10/2021
RNSW Director Nomination Form   PDF 12/10/2023
RNSW Strategic Plan 2021-2024   PDF 06/07/2021
Rowing Australia Environmental Sustainability Policy   PDF  
Rowing Australia Child Safety Templates   LINK  


  Last Updated
Risk Management Plan   PDF  
Risk Warning   PDF 5/12/2012
Interim Heat Management Policy   PDF 21/01/2018
Sun Protection Policy   PDF 10/11/2014
Cardiac Screening Guidelines - Rowing Australia   PDF 30/09/2015
Sports Medicine Australia - Drink Up   PDF  
Sports Medicine Australia - Fix Up   PDF  
Sports Medicine Australia - Warm Up   PDF  

NSW Roads and Maritime

  Last Updated
Vessel Incident Report   PDF 01/01/2019
Roads and Maritime Boating Handbook   PDF  
Rowing Code of Conduct - NSW Maritime   LINK  
Use of Amplifying Devices - NSW Maritime   PDF  
Rowing NSW maritime webpage   LINK  
Transporting Rowing Boats - Transport for NSW   PDF  

Play by the Rules

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Play by the Rules - Quick Reference Guide   PDF 1/7/2013
Play by the Rules - Website (issues, risks, complaints & legal)   LINK  

Historical RNSW Policies

Rowing Australia Member Protection Policy (version 8 - effective 23 February 2017 – 30 June 2022)   LINK 30/06/2020
Rowing Australia Member Protection Policy (version 9 - effective 30 June 2020 to 30 June 2022)   LINK 03/05/2016
Rowing Australia Member Protection Policy (effective from 1 July 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Rowing Australia No Needles Policy (effective 23 February 2017 – 30 June 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy (effective from 1 July 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Rowing Australia Child Safeguarding Policy (effective from 1 July 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy (effective from 1 July 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy (effective from 1 July 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Rowing Australia Anti-Doping Policy (effective 10 August 2020 – 30 June 2022)   LINK 01/07/2022
Changes to Anti Doping Policy  - Sport Integrity Australia   PDF 13/08/2020
Illicit Drugs in Sport - Rowing Australia   PDF 23/02/2017
Notes on Illicit Drugs Policy - Rowing Australia   PDF 23/02/2017
RNSW Strategic Plan 2020 - superseded     18/05/2016
RNSW Strategic Management Plan 2013-2017 superseded     13/9/2013

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