Rowing NSW is looking to bring the community together and help faciliate communication between the clubs, schools and experienced people in NSW. We know it is hard to find good people and this platform has been set up to help connect people who are looking for more opportunities. Clubs are always looking for more coxswains and Rowing NSW may be able to help point you in the right direction in finding a coxswain who is looking for some more experience. 

We have set up three different forms: (click the text in bold to fill out the form)

1. Casual Coxswain Registry for those coxswains interested in doing more coxing, or in substituting for clubs when they are missing a coxswain.

2. Casual Coaches Registry for those interested in doing more coaching, across clubs/schools on an ad-hoc basis.

3. For Clubs expressing interest in finding more Casual Coaches & Coxswains

Please note that by signing up your contact details may be shared with clubs interested in utilising the registry”.