About Rowing New South Wales

The New South Wales Rowing Association (NSWRA) was formed in 1878.  On July 1st, 2011 the Association adopted a new constitution and became Rowing New South Wales Incorporated (RNSW).

The initial impetus for the formation of the Association was a challenge from our neighbouring state of Victoria (or colony as it was in those days) for a race to be conducted in 1879*. Things haven't changed much since - just more states to challenge for racing supremacy in Australia.

Since 1878 the number of rowing clubs in NSW has grown from three clubs at the time the Association was established to more than 35 clubs today, not counting a host of schools with rowing programs.

Rowing New South Wales governs the sport of rowing in NSW. It decides on the rules for racing in NSW, determines boat classes for racing events, sets an annual calendar of regattas, and promotes the rowing in this state.

Through the club and school system the sport caters for all rowers from elite to novice level including athletes with a disability.

Membership of Rowing New South Wales is around 5000.

2019 winning King's Cup & Queen's Cup crews


Rowing New South Wales Life Members

Current Life Members Past Life members
Mr A Brown Mr P Cayzer OAM
Mr J Coates AC Mr E Chapman OAM
Mr S Croot Mr D Croot AM
Mr S Derwin Mr E Dorsch
Mr K Jameson OAM Mr N Garratt AM
Mrs M Mackenzie OAM Mr J Lanning
Mr B Moynahan OAM Mr G Neilson OAM
Mr C Noel OAM Mr G Parlby OAM
Mr E O'Hanlon Mr M Reddan OAM
Mr A Rowley Mr R Stride
Mr D Sollom OAM Dr W Webb OAM
  Mr M Wood MBE


*By the way, if you are interested in knowing who won the 1879 eights race over four miles, it was NSW - by 6 lengths. But to balance the record, we note that the first race between Victorian and New South Wales crews was in 1878, prior to the formation of the NSWRA. The 1878 inaugural race was won by Victoria.

For this slice of history we acknowledge May A. L (1970) Sydney Rows: A Centennial History of Sydney Rowing Club.Sydney Rowing Club: Abbotsford.