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At the heart of every successful rowing club lies a robust system of governance. Welcome to our online resource dedicated to providing the necessary resources to assist with club development.  Whether you're a seasoned club administrator or a passionate rower looking to understand the backbone of your organization, you're in the right place. We believe that strong governance not only ensures the smooth operation of the club but also fosters a vibrant and inclusive community of rowers, coaches, and enthusiasts.

What You'll Find Here

Practical Resources: We will be popping up any guides, and checklists designed to streamline your club's governance processes.

Expert Advice: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned rowing club administrators and industry experts. Our interviews and Q&A sessions offer invaluable perspectives on best practices and strategies.

Grant Writing

Delivered by Andrew Hamilton from NSW-based Consultant Red Tape Busters Pty Ltd. The session gave insight on how to write a grant and provides your club with the tools to improve your chances of succes. 

To watch the teams recording and view the powerpoint, click here to download


Upcoming Events

How to Interpret and Decode Biomechanic Data

As a part of the National Virtual Development Series, NSWIS Senior Biomechanist, Damien Omeara will be discussing all things Biomechanics.
Time: Wednesday 15 November at 8PM

This session will be highly relevant to all current or aspiring Level 3 coaches – this topic features heavily in the assessment and many coaches feel under-prepared to tackle it. Damien will make this area easy to understand & has set aside time to answer any questions!

The presentation will be recorded, and a link to this sent to all registrants to ensure it’s accessible to everyone no matter the time zone!
Tickets are $10. Click here to register