Safety on NSW Waterways

NSW Maritime is the State Government Authority responsible for marine safety, regulation of commercial and recreational boating and oversight of port operations. The Authority is also responsible for property management of submerged lands in Sydney Harbour, Newcastle Harbour, Botany Bay and Port Kembla, and for providing strategic advice on ports and maritime matters to the NSW Government. Please refer to some various documents below relating to NSW Waterways and the rowing community. 

  1. Training Maps
  2. Safety reminder for all vessels on the water
  3. Vessel Incident Report Form
  4. Speed Limit Exemption [Rozelle & Blackwattle Bay]
  5. Approved Navigation Lights
  6. Navigation Lights ARC
  7. Code of Conduct for Rowing Shells

Training Maps

Hen and Chicken Bay Training Map
Iron Cove Training Map
Lower Parramatta River Training Map
Upper Parramatta River Training Map
MRC Navigation Protocol on Middle Harbour
Middle Harbour Safety Map


Safety reminder for all vessels on the water

Use of Amplifying Devices
Rowing NSW reminds clubs and schools that amplifying devices such as megaphones should not be used in the vicinity of residential areas before 7am and after 7pm 

Wearing of Lifejackets (Page 30 of the RMS Boating Handbook)
Rowing NSW would like to remind all coaches that it is a legal requirement that all coaches wear a lifejacket under the following conditions:

Boating between sunset and sunrise

  • Boating on Alpine waters (this includes Lake Jindabyne)
  • Boating alone (without another person 12yrs of age or more on the same vessel)
  • Correct Safety Equipment (Page 52 of the RMS Boating Handbook)
  • You are also reminded that all coach boats should carry the correct safety equipment as detailed below

Please refer to the Roads and Maritime Boating Handbook for more information

Please use this link for Lifejacket Care and Servicing


Vessel Incident Report Form

The Roads and Maritime Services require this report when there is an on-water vessel incident. It is the responsibility of the owner of the vessel (whether that be an individual or club) involved in an on-water incident to lodge a Vessel Incident Report with the Roads and Maritime Services. If you require assistance in completing the form the team at Rowing NSW will assist in any way we can to help an individual or club.

 Click here to fill out a Vessel Incident Report.


Speed Limit Exemption [Rozelle & Blackwattle Bay]

Rowing NSW has been approved for a speed limit exemption that allows Rowing NSW affiliated clubs and schools who are taking part in rowing training or coaching programs to be exempt from the 4 knot speed limit in the Roselle and Blackwattle Bay area. Please refer to the Speed Limit Exemption [Roselle & Blackwattle Bay] document below. 


Approved Navigation Lights

The following lights are NSW Maritime approved for rowing crafts
and must be used between sunrise and sunset year round:

Frog Light
Australian designed and manufactured, the Frog Light is distributed by Croker Oars.

The Frog Light features:

  • 12 Bright LED lights
  • Fully sealed housing
  • Waterproof and floats
  • Rechargable, extended use battery
  • Will turn on and off when natural light determines that it is necessary
  • Will turn off when upside down, for when your boat is stored on the rack
  • Will operate continuously for a minimum of 30 hours before requiring recharging
  • Red or Green LED indicates when charging is required

NSW Union of Rowers LED Navigation Lights

  • 30 hours life with 3x AAA batteries
  • US Coast Guard certified for 2 nautical miles - approx. 3.7km
  • Water Resistant with rubber seals
  • Purchase supports the NSW Union of Rowers Youth Scholarship Program Order form

Attwood Portable LED Navigation Light

  • Long battery life from 2 D batteries
  • Readily available from stores such as Bias Boating or Whitworths or on line.
  • NOTE:  These lights are not waterproof.

Innovative Lighting LED portable navigation light

  • Water resistant
  • Claimed 200 hour battery battery life from 4 AA batteries
  • Floats
  • Available on line (

Tek-Tite 4 LED navigation light

  • Mark III – 4 LED
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • 20 hour battery life from 2 AA batteries
  • Available on line ( > Marker Lights)

Navigation Lights ARC


Code of Conduct for Rowing Shells

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to prescribe guidelines to enhance marine safety and navigation by increasing the current minimum light/torch/lantern requirements in relation to rowing/sculling/paddle craft over four metres in length being operated on New South Wales navigable waterways between sunset and sunrise. Please refer to the Code Of Conduct for Rowing and Sculling Shells document below. 


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