Why Volunteer?

Rowing New South Wales have a large volunteer cohort who are the backbone of our regattas and events. Many roles at regattas and events are volunteer based, from boat driving to commentary, our volunteers contribute their valuable time and expertise to assist rowers of all ages to develop their skills and enjoy our sport.

The NSW volunteer force continues to make a vital difference in supporting the development of rowing all the while obtaining a host of benefits in their role, including:

  • Fun. Making new friends within the volunteer network.
  • Choice. Select the role that suits your talents, interests and ambitions.
  • Flexibility. Choose the volunteering hours/time commitment that works for you.
  • Skills. Gain new knowledge and skills with training you can tackle at your pace.
  • Potential. Develop your expertise at national and international level.
  • Kudos. Enjoy everlasting appreciation and recognition from the rowing community.

We are continually seeking for new volunteers to join in taking part of our volunteer force throughout the NSW Rowing Season. Volunteer roles that we are currently looking for are below.

Volunteer Roles

Successful regattas have a great team of Volunteers. There are many areas to assist with including Boat Driving, Time Keeping, Commentating, Photography & Film, Presenting Medals, Adminstration and Bow Numbers. 

If you're interested in joining the NSW rowing volunteer workforce, please click the box below to register your interest.


Aside from our fantastic network of rowing volunteers, there are a great number of Boat Race Officials that make our regattas run. Head to our Officiate  page to learn all about becoming an accredited Boat Race Official. 

If you have any questions about joining our volunteer workforce or becoming a BRO, please don't hesitate in contacting us, we would love to hear from you | volunteer@rowingnsw.asn.au | 02 9555 6111.