Start with the basics

Getting the rowing technique right is the first step to improving your performance. The rowing technique is important to master as it supports your body and prevents injury but is also the best way to apply power which ultimately improves your performance. Concept 2 provide a great video which breaks down the components of the rowing stroke for you to learn.


Training Resources

Concept 2 Training Guide  For an in depth guide to your approach to Indoor Rowing training, Concept 2 have put together useful information. CLICK HERE
Concept 2 Logbook Record all your Concept 2 workouts with their Logbook. This is a great platform to log, record and report on all training. CLICK HERE
Online Challenges for Individuals and Teams Need some challeneg inspiration for individuals and teams? Concept 2 have some great challenges for you to participate in. CLICK HERE
Concept 2 Pace Calculator Work out paces, times and watts with the Concept 2 Pace Calculator. CLICK HERE
Rowing Australia Indoor Training FAQs  Dr Tony Rice answers Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor Rowing Training. CLICK HERE



Rowhaus is delivering online sessions Monday-Friday and programming (eg 2km 8 week program, which includes a session per week online to monitor your progress).

Online sessions are coached by either ex or current Australian Olympians and cater for everyone from beginners to some returning olympians who have been joining in on the classes. It's a great opportunity during lockdown to build some momentum with your training and workout alongside some top athletes to learn from along the way. For more information, head to the Rowhaus website. To book an individual class, CLICK HERE.


Australian & World Records

Have a look at the Australian and World records for Indoor Rowing? CLICK HERE