Announcement – Departure of Stephen Donnelley

Published Mon 24 Jun 2024

RNSW President Stephen Donnelley joins the Rowing Australia Board to assume the role of President of Rowing Australia

Rowing NSW today announced that Stephen Donnelley, the President of Rowing NSW, will vacate his position on the RNSW board to accept a new role as President of Rowing Australia.

This move marks a significant transition as Stephen takes his extensive experience and leadership to the national stage, where he will continue to advocate for and promote the development of rowing across Australia.

Stephen has served as President of Rowing NSW since 2016 with distinction, guiding the organisation through periods of growth and increased competitive success, contributing significantly to the establishment of the women’s National Training Centre at Penrith. His leadership has been characterised by a deep commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and the strategic development of the sport.

In accordance with the RNSW Constitution, Stephen’s new appointment creates a casual vacancy on the Rowing NSW Board. The organisation will follow the stipulated process to fill this vacancy, ensuring that RNSW continues to benefit from strong and effective governance. Further details regarding the nomination process for the new board member will be made available to all constituent members.

Stephen Handley, Vice President at Rowing NSW, commented, "Stephen has been a pivotal figure in the evolution of our organisation, and his move to the Rowing Australia Board is both a testament to his remarkable leadership and a significant opportunity for him to apply his insights and expertise on a broader scale. We are immensely grateful for his service and look forward to his continued contributions to the sport at the national level."

Rowing NSW will be inviting nominations from its constituent members to fill the vacant President role. This process will be conducted in line with our constitutional procedures. The new appointee will hold the position until the conclusion of the annual general meeting in September 2026, maintaining continuity and stability in our leadership.

The board and staff of Rowing NSW extend their best wishes to Stephen in his new role and express their anticipation for a new chapter of leadership and innovation in Australian rowing.