Documents and Policies


PDF Rowing Australia Member Protection Policy Updated 22/10/2015
PDF Code of Conduct  
PDF Protocol for Ethical Recruiting and Transfer Practices Updated 7/6/2011
PDF Debtors & Invoicing Process  
PDF Privacy Policy  
Link Working With Children Check  
Link Working With Children Check Fact Sheets & Resources  
PDF Rowing NSW Social Media, Blogging & Internet Guidelines Updated 21/10/2011
PDF Getting Your Club or School in the Media Updated 2/11/2011
PDF SIRC Traffic Flow  
PDF RNSW Volunteer Policy  
docx Club Member Protection Policy Template  



Link Para Rowing Information  
PDF Lightweight Limits Updated 09/12/2016
Link Anti-Doping Policy - Rowing Australia  
Link Anti-Doping Policy - ASADA  
Link Anti-Doping Policy - WADA  
Link Anti-Doping Policy - FISA  
PDF Rowing Australia National Policy on Match Fixing 12/12/2013
PDF Appeals Procedure  
PDF Composite Crews in NSW Regattas  
PDF Grade Regatta Competition Guide  
PDF School Competitor Eligibility  
Link NSW State Selection Policies  



PDF RNSW Constitution Updated 22/10/2014
PDF RNSW By-Laws Updated 25/07/2017
PDF RNSW Voting Entitlements Updated 30/06/2015
Link RNSW Laws of Boat Racing Updated 25/07/2017
PDF RNSW Strategic Plan 2020 Updated 18/05/2016
PDF RNSW Strategic Management Plan 2013-2017 - superseded Updated 13/9/2013
PDF Rowing Australia Clean Green Statement of Principles  
PDF Rowing Australia Environmental Sustainability Policy  
PDF RNSW Honours Updated 02/4/2014
PDF Nomination Form  



PDF 2017-18 Rowing NSW Certificate of Currency
(includes coverage for all clubs/schools)
 Updated 05/06/2017
PDF NSW Insurance Program  
PDF Rowing NSW Cyber-Security Guidelines Updated 03/11/2014
Link Please refer to the National Rowing Insurance Program website for further information on:
- what is covered
- how to make a claim
- policy wordings



PDF Risk Management Plan  
PDF Risk Warning Updated 5/12/2012
PDF Heat Management Plan Updated 5/12/2012
Link NSW Maritime - Rowing Code of Conduct  
PDF NSW Maritime - Use of Amplifying Devices  
PDF Rowing Australia - Illicit Drugs in Sport  
PDF Notes on RA Illicit Drugs Policy 11/11/2015
PDF Rowing Australia Cardiac Screening Guidelines 30/09/2015
PDF Sports Medicine Australia - Drink Up  
PDF Sports Medicine Australia - Fix Up  
PDF Sports Medicine Australia - Warm Up  
PDF NSW Maritime - Life Jacket Reforms  
PDF RNSW Sun Protection Policy 10/11/2014


Play by the Rules

PDF Play by the Rules Quick Reference Guide Updated 1/7/2013
Link Play by the Rules Website
(issues, risks, complaints & legal)
Link Becoming a Member Protection Information Officer