Thomas Barnes

Thomas Barnes, 19, likes drinking chocolate milk, eating Krispie Kremes and knows how to move a boat fast - sometimes. Tom began his rowing at Shore School and rowed in the First VIII for 3 years recording two wins in the Major Rennie Trophy and two wins at the National Champs. He then went on to represent the Australian Junior team on two occaions in 2015 and 2016. 2017 will see Tom begin study at UC Berkley (Cal). #GOBEARS


Barnes (Pictured right) with crew mate Dylan Boakes after a win in the Schoolboy 8+ at the 2014 National Champs.


Barnsey / Dad


SFRC (Sydney Rowing Club)

Hobbies outside of rowing:

Sleeping / Eating / Snapchat

Why did you choose rowing?

I choose rowing because I wasn’t very good at cricket, which is my main passion.

Who do you admire?

Harry Waterworth

Favourite food?

A beautiful combination of Krispy Kremes and choccy milk

Most Memorable race and why:

My first ever race in the Shore 1st VIII where I started crying at the 1250m mark because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to finish the race.

Favourite training session:

Active recovery.

What keeps you motivated?

Doing it for the fellas and cracking a cold one with boy’s after a great win over Sydney Uni and Uts.

Interesting Fact about yourself:

My favourite colour is red.

Best Rowing Memory: 

Holding up the Head of the River Major Rennie trophy in front of my best mates and family.

Any advice for young guns out there? 

Never be satisfied with where you are physically, technically and mentally. “Train to race, race to win”

Is there any aspect of rowing that you struggle with? 

All aspects… Rowing is hard.




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