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This is a very exciting time for Rowing within NSW as Rowing Australia announce the Hancock Prospecting Women's National Training Centre to be located in Penrith, Sydney. The ability for these athletes to use Nepean River and Sydney International Regatta Centre facilities on a daily basis will provide great opportunity to improve and set a high standard for competition both domestically and internationally!

Please see the link below for the Official Press Release from Rowing Australia regarding the decision…/sydney-announced-as-th…/

We look forward to welcoming each of the athletes into the great state!

Fast facts:
- The first stage of the Women’s National Training Centre will be operational no later than April 2017.
- The Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre Permanent - Facilities will include the following: Boathouse accommodating full boat fleet, Strength and Conditioning facilities, Athlete and Coach Amenities
- The Centre will be able to accommodate up to 25 elite female rowers and will have Head Coach, John Keogh and two senior coaches to be announced in due course.
- Planning approvals are in progress with the Penrith City Council, this includes the final confirmed name of the Centre

If you have any questions related to the project please do not hesitate to contact Rowing NSW




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