Matt Murray

When Matt Murray started at Scots College as a year 8 boy he was never the first person picked in any crew. In fact when he took up rowing as a summer sport, and he was in the bottom crew for his first 2 seasons. Although due to the hard work he put in, he made his way into the first eight in his last year of school.  "That was my first highlight and although we finished 2nd at Head of the River, we were the first Scots eight to beat Shore in over 10 years I think" - Murray. Since then Matt has achieved some noble feats in the sport of rowing.

 "Another highlight was cracking 20 minutes in the NSWIS TT 4 2017, and final highlight, rowing in the NSW youth 8 2017." 


Matt picture 2nd from the right kneeling on the ground after his victory in the Men's Youth 8+ at this years Interstate Regatta.


Nickname: Muz, HappyMuz

Club: SUBC - Home of Rowing

Hobbies outside of rowing? Cycling, Uni

Why did you choose rowing? It was pretty hyped up at school and I wanted to be a part of that. It’s a pretty hard sport to get into so I wanted to make most of the opportunity. 

Who do you admire and why: My mum. I admire her because she has done everything two parents could've done, and more.

Favourite food? Dominos. Also my favourite job.

Most Memorable race and why?

Small Boats Regatta 2017. My lightweight friend Jacob Flanagan and I persuaded our coaches to let us race a pair, we’d only trained a few times, and managed to get 2nd to the eventual national champs later on this year. Considering it was a selection event for the 2017 state team, it was a risk that paid off. It was a good race and a good break from the single, we also proved a lot of people wrong.

Favourite training session? Pairs with good men.   

What keeps you motivated? The opportunities I might have in the future if I keep working/training hard.

Interesting Fact about yourself? I’m most always the shortest in the boat. I’m also grade 8 in Alto Saxophone and a national champion in Bagpipes. Stopped blowing bags when school finished.     

Best Rowing Memory? SUBC China Trip 2016. I got to row with some superstars and also had a lot of fun racing clubs like Princeton, Cambridge etc.

Any advice for young guns out there? Considering I’m still a young gun myself, I’d say if you want to keep rowing after school, don’t waste any time, just get in touch with some clubs, especially SUBC.

Is there any aspect of rowing that you struggle with? It’s not a cheap sport, but it’s worth it.  

This year Matt is also trialling for the Under 21 Australian representative team. 

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