Jack Hanley

Name: Jack Hanley

Nicknames:  Hanley, Handog, Handbrake, Handle, Spanners, Hanburg. Judas.

Club: Sydney Uni Boat Club


Jack Hanley after winning th lightweight 8+ at SIRR 2017 (Middle athlete kneeling)

What are your long term goals in the sport of rowing?

My long term goals are being reassessed at the moment. For a long time it was just making NSW Penrith Cup and getting a medal, though the benchmark has now been moved higher and the I / we really want to be standing at the top of the dais.

What is your training like at the moment?

Currently I’m in Yamba for placement, so a lot of training is done on the bike and in the gym. I really enjoy cycling and it’s a good way to limit detraining while you don’t have access to a boat or ergo.

Hobbies outside of rowing?

Restoring vintage bicycles, occasional strums on the guitar.

Who do you admire and why:

Hamish Playfair: He doesn’t give up, regardless of what obstacles are presented to him. Not many people may have thought he’d be in the position he’s in now with his recent success, though that took a few years of chipping away and making the right decisions.

Most Memorable race and why?

NSW recent win in the Men’s Lighty 8. All the boys stuck to our plan and did not give an inch the whole race. It was amazing to be a part of a well-executed race with some good blokes.

Favourite training session?

Usually 3 x 10’ threshold either on the erg or on the water. Just long enough to hurt but not so long you feel like you’re blowing a gasket.

What keeps you motivated?

Mostly the lightweight group around me. We have developed a good culture of supporting one another and encouraging each other to row longer and cleaner with each year and its getting more and more effective as time goes on. It’s nice to be part of a group of guys who you know will put themselves in the hurt locker with you.

Interesting Fact about yourself?

Started rowing because I got quite heavy in 2008 ~ 90kg. 20kgs and a whole lot of mitochondria later, look where we are. 

Best Rowing Memory?

Not rowing, but rowing training. Campbell Watt’s explosively bonking on his bike as we climbed the Blue Mountains after insisting he pull a turn on the front. He huffed and he puffed and he was left behind.  

Any advice for young guns out there?

Stick at it… It is an overused piece of advice, but rowing takes a long time to develop endurance & speed. Everyone is different and you forge your own path. There aren’t many short cuts unfortunately.

Is there any aspect of rowing that you struggle with?

Rhythm. I’m not allowed too close to the stern of a boat.

What’s the best advice you ever had?

Probably Rick Van Hooydonk when I was first starting at SUBC and was racing for a spot in the final at nationals. He said to me “You just have to hang in dere, dey may shake de tree… but you just keep hanging in dere”. Anyway, I went out hard to the 1km and just held in to go through to my first nationals final, so his advice worked. 




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