Membership and Fees

Rowing NSW offers the following categories of registered membership. Please refer to the RNSW constitution for further details on each category but please note that only Competing Members are eligible to compete in approved regattas.

  1. Life Members;
  2. Official Members;
  3. Competing Members;
  4. Recreational Rowing Members;
  5. Supporting Members;
  6. Honorary Members. 

New Membership Applications
i. Applications for competing membership categories must be endorsed by your club and/or school to verify your membership details and date of birth. New member applications may be made using either:

  • Online application (will not be eligible to enter regattas until club endorsement is completed).

ii. Applications for non-competing categories may be made as above but do not require endorsement.

Membership Renewals
Memberships renewals of all categories may be paid online.
Where your club includes Rowing NSW registration as part of your club membership fee structure then the club will forward your details and any fees payable directly to Rowing NSW.

2017 - 2018 Season

The Rowing NSW regatta season corresponds to the financial year and memberships expire on 30th June.
The fees for the various classes of membership for the 2016-2017 season are:-

Category Fee
Competing Members  
Metropolitan Competitor* (18 years of age and over) $110.00
Regional Competitor* (18 years of age and over) $75.00
Junior Competitor (under 18 years of age at time of registering)
Metropolitan Junior
Regional Junior


Non-Competing Members  
Supporting Members
(supporters, family members etc
or anyone that would like to support Rowing NSW)
Recreational Members
(non-competing rowers involved in corporate or learn-to-row programs)
Official Members
(boat race officials, coaches, club/school administrators)
No Fee

All fees include GST (* plus $16.00 Rowing Australia affiliation where applicable).

School students competing solely for their school will have their membership application processed directly by the school.

Masters and coxswains must comply with registration requirements.


With your Rowing NSW Membership, you will recieve a custom Rowing NSW Splashproof Phone Pouch (see design below), the Annual Calendar as well as your Membership Card. If you have not recieved it yet feel free to contact the office on (02) 9555 6111.

Note: the Patron Members membership category is no longer available, however any obligation or liability with respect to the payment of membership fees of Patron Members prior to 30 June 2011 will be honoured by Rowing NSW. Hence for existing Patron Members renewal is automatic and they only need to supply updated contacted details or submit a club transfer application if/when applicable.