Boat Race Official Education

Boat Race Officials and regatta volunteers are the backbone of Rowing New South Wales. They contribute their valuable time, effort and expertise in assisting rowers of all ages to develop their skills and enjoy our sport.

Why would you want to become a Boat Race Official?

  • Support a family member who is involved in the sport
  • Rowing has given you so much over the years and you want to put something back into the sport
  • Represent your club at another level, up to an international level
  • You have an interest or passion for rowing
  • To gain personal satisfaction
  • You have a community minded spirit and enjoy helping others
  • You are looking to do something worthwhile for the young people in the community
  • You are looking for an avenue to make friends, develop social contacts and have fun
  • You want to keep fit and active


Please contact RNSW Office for further information.




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