NSW Regatta Program Notes


In Novice, Intermediate, Senior, Open, Masters, Under 21, Under 19, Under 17 and Under 16 events where the fields exceed the course limits the races will be conducted in divisions. In other events (including Elite, Under 23, Championships and Medals Events) races will be conducted in heats (where necessary) and finals. Withdrawals and substitutions must be notified to the Referee in writing on the applicable form. Only crews actually racing are permitted on the regatta course. Only the Umpires are permitted to follow races (no coaches boats are permitted on or near the course).


The maximum distance for each course as shown on the programme will apply to events except :- Novice, Schoolgirl Year 9 &10, Under 16, School Sculls and Masters which are 1,000 metres. After Xmas Schoolgirl Year 9 & 10 race 1500 metres at school regattas. Marathon and other distances are as indicated.


The starting time of heats, finals & divisions may vary from that advertised on this card due to events not attracting sufficient entries (3 or more entries in an event are required). Competitors must refer to the draw for each regatta (refer to the NSWRA website during the week prior to the regatta).


Incorporated in the headings; 1x = single points; 2x = double points; 3x = triple points.
1st Place - 4 points; 2nd Place - 2 points; 3rd Place - 1 point.


The RNSW Laws of Boat Racing are available for you reference on the website and we recommend that you download a current copy for your reference and information.
STATUS OF COMPETITORS (eligibility to compete) is covered by Law 9, an understanding of which is fundamental to entering rowers and scullers in events at regattas.
REGATTA ENTRIES are to be lodged on the RNSW website by the authorised operator of each club / school (who has been provided password access) in accordance with Law of Boat Racing 10. Faxed applications (on the approved forms) for late entries will only be accepted in accordance with Law 10 (j).
SUBSTITUTIONS AND WITHDRAWALS must be lodged in writting on the approved forms (available from the website) with the Referee at the regatta, 30 minutes before the starting time of the event in accordance with Laws 10 (f) & 11.