2017 New South Wales Rowing Championships

2017 New South Wales Rowing Championships

Friday 10th - Sunday 12th of February, 2017
Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith Lakes

Regatta Entries

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Entries are invited to the 2017 NSW ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS

Date: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10, 11 and 12 February, 2017
Venue: Sydney International Regatta Centre

Entry Fees:

Championship Events $28 per seat (excluding coxswains) 
Entries opened on Wednesday 4th January and should be made online through Rowing Manager.

Entries Closed: 5.00 pm on Monday, 6th February, 2017

Regatta Specific Information: click here

Order of Events: click here

Application Forms: Trailer Parking, Training, Volunteers, Ice Coolers - click here.


  • The regatta will be conducted under the Rules and Laws of Boat Racing of Rowing NSW.
  • The regatta will commence at 1.00 pm on Friday, 10 February with heats and semi finals of Events CWU19 1x, CMU19 1x, CWU21 1x, CMU21 1x, CWU231x, CMU23 1x, CWE 1x, CME 1x, CWU21L 1x, CMU21L 1x, CWU23L 1x, CMU23L 1x, CWEL 1x, CMEL 1x, CWE 2-, CME 2-, CMEL 2-.
  • The RNSW progression system will provide for a greater number of competitors to contest the final.
  • The RNSW marshalling procedure will be applied to every race.
  • Lightweight Rules for the 2017 NSW Rowing Championships are as follows:
    1. The weight limit will be the FISA maximum weight (72.5kg for men & 59kg for women).
    2. Crew averaging will not apply and weight can be carried forward for the day.
    3. Athletes nominating for Senior Selection will have their own individual weight targets set by Rowing Australia as part of the Selection process. 
    Refer Lightweight Limits

Late Entries:
Late entries will be accepted providing there is an available lane.
Late entries will close at 2.00 pm on Wednesday, 8th February and should be made via Rowing Manager, using the late entry system.

Heat Management Plan for SIRC
Recognising that Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) is particularly susceptible to high (and sometimes extreme) temperatures during the summer racing season, Rowing New South Wales has established a Heat Management Plan to facilitate rowing competition at SIRC. The Heat Management Plan provides a framework under which RNSW and its regatta managers can take measures (inlcuding the suspension, cancellation or rescheduling of events, and the imposition of restrictions on competition), if they believe that temperatures on the day warrant such measures.
Please refer to the Risk section on the Documents and Policies page for further information.

Designer Paintworks
The Designer Paintworks Regatta Shop will once again be attending 2017 NSW Rowing Championships. For a preview of the latest regatta designs for this years State Championships and other regattas throughout the 2016/17 season click here. If you can't find what you are after, give The Designer Paintworks Regatta Shop a call or send the an email and they'll help you out.

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