Call for Nominations - Directors and Office Bearers

Aug 4, 2017

Rowing New South Wales

Call for Nomination of Directors and Office Bearers

At the 2017, Annual General Meeting the following Directors will be retiring by rotation but are eligible for re-election:

Director, Sarah Cook   

Director, Sarah Hill

Further at the 2017 Annual General Meeting the President Mr Steve Donnelley will be retiring by rotation but is also eligible for re-election.

Registered Members wishing to nominate as candidates for the positions to be filled by election at the Annual General Meeting must supply the following supporting documentation:

  1. Attached Nomination Form –Please note that in accordance with Section 32(3)(b) of the Rowing NSW Constitution the Nomination Form must be signed for or on behalf of two Constituent Members
  2. Letter of Introduction (no more than one page – not required for existing Directors)
  3. Resume (no more than three pages – not required for existing Directors)

Nomination Forms and accompanying documentation must reach the offices of Rowing NSW prior to the close of business on Tuesday 5 September 2017.



Anthony Blower

Chief Executive Officer

4 August 2017

 Nomination Form:

RNSW Director Nomination Form 24 Aug 16.pdf




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