NSW Masters - A Brief History

May 1, 2017

NSW Masters Rowing Championships

The NSW Masters Championships will occur on 6-7 May 2017, and this will be the thirtieth year of the event.

The first NSW Masters event was held on 7 May 1988 on the Woronora River.  It was organised by the NSWRA Union of Old Oarsmen led by Steve Roll and many other hard workers.

This event has had subsequent regattas held at other locations such as Iron Cove, Iluka, Grafton, Taree, Telegraph Point, Newcastle and SIRC. The locations were determined by the NSWRA Union of Old Oarsmen, with various clubs managing the races.

The event at Iluka in 1990 occurred without a rowing club, however when it was held there at Iluka in 1993 a new rowing club had been formed.

Clubs organising the events usually had a dinner which included the presentation of medals. Places included locations such as the community hall at Iluka, RSL Clubs at Grafton, Taree and Port Macquarie, and the Workers Club at Newcastle.

From 1988, the number of rowers increased, and in 1997 the large numbers led to the event being increased to two days in SIRC from 1998. The organisation moved from the NSWRA Union of Old Oarsmen to Rowing NSW. From 2008, all Championships events have been at SIRC.

From 1988 the Masters were being held after all rowers had finished coaching junior or senior rowers during this season.

We all hope that all our Masters rowers enjoy their races.

Graham Nix – Manning River Rowing Club





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