Use of the Nepean River for Training Camps

Dec 22, 2016

As a matter of courtesy, could schools and clubs that are planning on conducting camps on the Nepean River during the January and February period please notify the captains of the home clubs (Nepean and Penrith) of their plans.

This is to help with the smooth running of all areas concerned: river, pontoon area and boat park.

Due to the large numbers of people using the area the following should be observed:

Off Water Protocols

o If tinnies are being driven down (and back up) to the water, from a safety aspect this should be done at a time when other users are not in the vicinity. All tinnies should be launched only on the rubber matting and not on the “grassed area”.

o The pontoon should be kept clear of boats; oars; water bottles; shoes for the safe access to the water for all users. All oars, water bottles etc. should be placed on the grass bank whilst boats are being brought down to and from the water.

o All discarded water bottles, food wrappings, banana skins etc are to be removed from the pontoon, the boatsheds and surrounding areas and placed in the rubbish bins provided.

o Boats should not be left on trestles blocking access to the pontoon on the water level and outside the boatsheds.

o Cars, trailers and minibuses should be parked so as not to interfere with access to the boatsheds and allow boats to be safely carried from the Reserve to the ramp. No vehicles are to be left down at the water level.

On Water Protocols

o Maritime navigation rules to be adhered to at all times.

o Coaching boats to be compliant with Maritime safety requirements.

o The area directly in front of the pontoon is specifically used for LTR beginners and new Para rowers. Care should be exercised by rowers and coaches when they come through the bridge so ensure the safety of all water users. There should be no firm pressure/race type work conducted in this area.




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