World Junior, U23, Senior Regatta Recap

Aug 30, 2016


Here is a summary for the Finals that all NSW athletes participated in. A big congratulations to each athlete!

B Finals

BLM4x - James Chuter - 10th 

The Aussie Lightweight Men's Quad, stroked by James Chuter were in for a fight down the course in what is always a hard contest. The boys put themselves in the thick of the action sitting in third through the 500m mark. Locked in a battle with the Kiwi crew down the course they continued to try and attack however they fell off the pace of the French race leaders and crossed the line in fourth. B Finals are still some of the best contested races in the event because everyone is still racing for pride and an overall ranking.

Race result can be found here


BM8+ - Franc Gourlas, Alex Purnell - 8th 

After a dissappointing Semi Final, the Aussie Men's Eight were out to make a statement. Coming third through the 500m mark, the Australian crew pushed hard through the middle of the race and chipped away at the French and Russian race leaders. Moving into second place at the 1000m mark the Aussie continued to fight hard down the course as they gradually closed in on the French, however weren't able to push past them. The Aussie's finished in 2nd place which was a fantastic performance in what is a very competitive field of eights!

Race result can be found here


JM4x - Max Brenner, Jackson Kench, Thomas Barnes, Pasha Bevan - 12th

A quick first 500m from the field saw the Aussies in the thick of it, in what has been a very competitive quadruple sculls category. Coming through the 1000m the boys were sitting in sixth position and looking to bring it home over the second half of the race. With the whole field pushing each other down the course the Aussie boys were closing the gap on the fifth placed British crew, however their push wasn't enough as they crossed the line in sixth place in the B Final. Well done lads!

Race result can be found here


JW4x - Olivia Bartram, Ella Connaghan, Grace Galloway - 11th

The Aussie Girls were right in the middle of the pack all the way down the course. In what was yet another immensley competitive category in the Quadruple Scull, the girls were sitting in 4th through the 1000m mark. There was a reshuffling of positions as the crew from Denmark made a big push through the Aussie Girls, however this didn't deter them. With a final push to the line saw the whol field close in on the first placed Romanians. Despite their best efforts the girls finished in 5th position in the B Final however there was 5 seconds covering first through to fifth. 

Race result can be found here


A Finals

JW1x - Harriet Hudson - 6th

Having done a fantastic job to qualify for the A-Final in the single scull, Harriet fought hard in her race, keeping up with the field through the halfway mark. The pace increased down the course as the finish line got closer and unforunately Harriet wasn't able to keep up with the speed of those around her, however Harriet has done a fantastic job in the Single Scull this season in what is her first international season in the scull! Congratulations!

Race result can be found here

JM4+ - Oliver Schwartz, Lachlan Miles, Jack O'Brien, Marcus Britt, Lewis Willoughby - 5th

After a fast start the Aussies had put themselves up in 3rd position through the 500m, however the effort they had put in lead them to surrender what advantage they had gained as they struggled to keep their boatspeed through the middle of the race. A big effort in the second half of the race brought the boys back from 6th place into 5th as they battled it out with the crew from Turkey. Crossing the finish line, the Aussies had managed to hold out the Turkish by 0.03 seconds, which was great to see! The boys had regained themselves and battled their way back into the race. Congratulations on what was a great first international campaign.

Race result can be found here


BW4x - Rowena Meredith - 6th 

After a solid start with the rest of the field, the Aussie crew (stroked by New South Welshwoman Rowena Meredith) found it a struggle to keep up with the pace that was set by the whole field. Despite their best efforts the crew wasn't able to hold onto the pace that was set, and the Aussie crew finished in 6th position in their final. Making it to the A Final is a great achievement in International Rowing at any level. Congratulations to the girls for making it into the A Final and doing their family and friends proud!

Race result here

BW8+ - Fiona Ewing - 5th

After a blistering start by the rest of the field, the Aussie's had been caught napping as they crossed the 500m mark in sixth place. They managed to latch onto the German crew sitting in fifth down the course. Through the 1000m mark the Aussie's had passed the Germans and were pushing on to try and catch the other crews leading the charge. Despite their best efforts the girls crossed the finish line in 5th place behind what were some fantastic crews from the US, Britain, Russia and New Zealand. Well done to the crew for a fantastic effort!

Race result can be found here


BM4+ - Sam Hardy - BRONZE

The Aussie Men's Coxed Four went out all guns blazing in their A Final, setting the pace with a blistering 1:28.89 first 500m. Going through the 1000m mark the boys had pushed out to a 3 second lead over the rest of the field. With the pace quickening in the second half of the race the crew were in for a tough battle to hold onto their lead. It took until the last 100m for the crews from NZ and Italy to overtake the Aussies and leave them with a brilliant Bronze Medal! This was certainly one of the more courageous approaches to racing however it has paid off well for the lads! Congratulations to NSW Rower Sam Hardy on a Bronze!

Race result here


BM4x - Rob Black, Thomas Schramko - GOLD

Leading from the start to finish, the Aussie Men's Quad completed their campaign in fine form, winning their A Final in front of New Zealand, holding the Kiwi's off by 0.4 of a second to claim the Gold. This was the first time in over a decade since Australia has won Gold in the event. The boys leapt out to a 2 second lead at the halfway point and held on for dear life as the rest of the field closed in on them towards the finish line. A fantastic effort and a highlight that we will no doubt hear more about over the coming months! 

Race results here

Tom Schramko, Luke Letcher, Caleb Antill, Rob Black
Photo supplied by Rowing Australia


Congratulations to all athletes who competed overseas in the Junior / U23 / Senior Non-Olympic World Championships!




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